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Writing your Review

Please note that reviews cannot be deleted once posted you can only update it, and revews are intended for clients that have actually bought the services and products they are reviewing. Please make a reasonable effort to contact the company before posting negative feedback and do not use the review system to abuse companies and their products.

Rules & Disclaimers

  1. If you're reviewing a product, you MUST have already actually used this product you are reviewing. Do NOT post any review for a product you have never used instead you can comment or ask a question about the product.
  2. If you're reviewing a, you MUST have already work with or bought their service. If you're not their customer yet, Do NOT post a review, instead you can ask a question in the comments section of that company profile.
  3. You may NOT post a review about a product or company that you're personally competing with.
  4. Your review may NOT contain offensive, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate content.
  5. Failure to follow these rules may result in your account being stripped of reviewing privileges or deleted without notice.
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